Hello Takayama!

Whilst waiting for our train from Kanazawa to Takayama we popped into a mini supermarket to marvel at all the weird and wonderful foods on offer.

Everything is pre-packaged here – this is a cryovaced omelette!

And this is a sandwich with the crusts cut off and sealed around the edges, like a jaffle.

Then there’s this……

Balanced Food. Calorie Mate. Block.


We snacked happily on the little packets of seaweed that we stole from the buffet breakfast at the hotel.


And to the Bullet Train we go.


Our rail passes were organised by our fabulous travel agent – Lyn Tyson, who is awesome and you should totally call her if you plan to do any travelling!  So, I wasn’t aware of the different classes on the train.

We were in the Green Class…

But as I am travelling with a senior, I think we should have automatically been upgraded to  “Gran” class.

Even in Japan, it seems all roads lead back home to Geraldton!


I still can’t believe how much open space there is in Japan.  The train on this Takayama line goes through all manner of farms and land and rural housing and mountains.

And….. welcome to Takayama.  After a 4.5 minute walk from the station we arrived at the Hidahanasatonoyu Takayama Ouan (this is our hotel)

To more traditional beds on the floor.  It’s a little bit like a youth hostel with loads of bus tour groups checking in and out throughout the day.


But, when the weather cleared up (we’d had our first rain on the trip besides one 10 minute downpour in Tokyo) we were going to have a spectacular view of the snow capped mountains.


Hopefully tomorrow Jen…..


Need to do some work?  You don’t really need much more room than this, do you?


This hotel is also a spa with onsen and private baths.  You’re not allowed to take photos up there, but they are on the top floor, open aired and all look out to the mountains.

The ‘do’s and don’ts’ sign was hilarious!


But, this one was my favourite.


Dinner, included at the hotel was the cook it yourself variety plus the all the tempura and rice  you could eat at the buffet.

This is Japanese miso paste that is being heated up on a leaf, then you cooked your veggies and wafer thin meat and dipped it in the miso – She was delish!


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  1. Gotta love a bullet train 😉


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