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One the way back to the hotel and we stopped outside a shrine, as you do, for a coffee from this little van where the lovely man was peddling alcoholic coffees and then just next to him was a table lined with litre bottles of sake that were there for free tastings!


I’m not sure that was entirely appropriate for the entrance to a shrine, but there you have it!

We decided to take the back streets to stay off the main drag and we’re not sure if it was just because it was a Sunday or if people just don’t come outside…. but it was like a ghost town.

(besides this one chap who made it into this picture)


But the old buildings were lovely to see.

Much more interesting than these monstrosities – I still think the police should be called!

There was plenty of room for parking….. We wondered if this person just parked there and then painted around the moped?


This was such a gorgeous gate and entrance into the park.  When I saw Jenny sitting there, it reminded me of the picture of Princess Di in front of the Taj Mahal…..


So when I said, “You look like Lady Di”, she did this…..


Taking the back streets also allowed us to see some of the old architecture that they’ve left alone, even though it is all being swallowed up by these awful looking buildings behind it.


And we saw this little antique shop/cafe which was now open, but still had this sign out the front….. owned by Yoda maybe?


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