Japanese Delights

Our favourite things in Japan were:

The cherry blossoms


We were so lucky with the timing.  We were too early in Tokyo, just right in Kanazawa and they were just ending by the time we got to Kyoto.

Mout Fuji


We had two of the most perfect days to look at Mt Fuji.  It was quite mesmerising; like the ocean or a fire, you could just sit and look at it for hours.



Out of all the cities we visited, Kyoto was the prettiest and the most user friendly.  It seemed to have more restaurants and quaint shops.  It’s definitely the place that I would return to if given the chance.



The UNESCO village up in the mountains.  I love that they are trying to preserve a piece of their history even when the  Tokyos and the Osakas are building high rises all over the place.

The Food


We loved the sushi, the sashimi, the seaweed and the rice balls…. oh, and the steak!

The Trains


The fast trains – I’m not sure how we’re going to cope having to travel at only 100km (or 110kph between Safety Bay Road and the Manjagoogoodap Road Exits on the Kwinana Freeway).  It really is the best way to travel!

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