Getting our dumpling on in Kuala Lumpur

If you were going to pick a place to wind down after a jaunt to Japan, then KL could be your place.  And when I say ‘wind down’, I totally mean ‘go shopping’!

We only took very small bags with us and have only bought 2-3 very small items each the whole trip.  So now we’re ready to cut loose and maybe even buy a second suitcase to accommodate all our purchases.

First though, it’s important to build your strength on dumplings.


This is the best dumpling place in the world – as far as I am concerned.  We tried to go to one of their restaurants in Singapore, but there was an hour wait for lunch, and then we went back for dinner, but they don’t do dumplings at night – selfish!

So, today was our day.


If you’re in KL it’s on the 6th floor of The Pavillion Shopping Centre or the Garden Mall – Mid Valley City or, if you’re in Singapore – here’s the website with all the locations and you too can look like this….


We watched the chefs making the dumplings in Singapore and one lady was on ‘filling’ duty, then she would pass them on to the man who was in charge of crimping.  She was going so fast that she ended up tossing the dumplings at the man…. sometimes it’s better not to look.

Still tasty though!



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