Kickin’ it in Kalbarri

At the entrance into Kalbarri there’s quite a few turn offs that all offer fabulous  lookouts.  We chose Eagle Gorge.  It was about a 2.5 minute walk from the car park to the end of the lookout.  Not the reason we chose it by the way, that was just a bonus.


Fabulous views of quite an amazing coastline.


We popped down to the end of town to The Anchorage Caravan Park and they had a plethora empty bays, so we tried a couple (had to see if the satellite worked in that spot – after all, that’s what glamping is all about!)


Then we settled on this spot opposite the water and got comfy.


So comfy in fact that we all sat there in the sun.


Until it was too hot to sit in the sun anymore and decided that this was a great spot to defrost our dinner.  Soup and savoury mince on the menu tonight.  Yummo!


Jen and I headed towards town to purchase a few items; bread, a sleeping bag for me (because it was bloody freezing last night!!!!!) and whatever else Kalbarri had on offer.

Then this van pulled in to the caravan park beeping his horn.  Our mouths dropped as we pointed to the van in disbelief…. the man saw us and did a Uey.  This bakery – Barbara’s Bake House delivers to the caravan parks!!!!!  What an awesome service.  Her motto is: “You ring, we bring”.

So a loaf of bread was purchased pronto!


We still needed a sleeping bag for me, so we set off on our journey.  It was about a 20 minute walk along the water which was hard to take.


We got into town and not only did we find a second-hand book shop that had the elusive book that Jenny’s book club requirements had her searching for, but there was a lovely lady in The Book Nook who helped her find it.  I purchased a sleeping bag from a very friendly chap who insisted I open up all the bags to see which one was best for me.  We thought we were on a roll and popped into the town bakery (thinking it might have been the same people as Barbara’s Bake House) but the woman in there clearly hated working at the bakery and when I said “Oh, it’s so hard to know what to choose” she replied, “I can’t tell you what to choose.”  Yep, didn’t actually ask you to.  No wonder Babs is doing so well!

We hit the news agency and purchased a couple of items we needed for games – dice, cards, trivial pursuit questions, etc….. and then we hightailed it back to the park.

The rest of the day was spent sitting in the sun reading – why the hell not?

Then this happened:


I can’t wait to try out my new sleeping bag tonight.

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  1. A sleeping bag… How silly is that! Ask yourself, what would Russell Coight do. He would either buy 2 dogs or 3 dogs, depending on the temperature. And he would also ask you to check your spelling before posting. It is difficult to believe you were educated in Geraldton but I suppose your time away has stifled any education you received.


    • Thank you Wally for your thinly veiled constructive feedback. I often think WWRCD – What Would Russell Coight Do? But in this instance I would have needed 7 dogs to keep me in the warmth to which I have become accustomed during my slow educational decline. I will admit that my super fast typing speed can sometimes lead to typographical errors, but pray tell – what did I spell incorrectly?


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