Clancy of the Overflow

Today we’re packing up, saying goodbye to Kalbarri and heading north to Shark Bay.

So, brekky at the cafe next door to the caravan park, driving cap firmly in place, tyre check, fuel and we’re off.


Kalbarri is surrounded by gorges, so it would have been remiss of us to not at least check out one of them.  We turned left at the sign for the Ross Graham Gorge.


We learned that Ross Graham was the first teacher in Kalbarri, who died in 1967 – aged 31.  The gorge was dedicated to him due to his interest in preserving the natural beauty of the national park.


 It is quite a beautiful place.  Well done Ross Graham.


Then it was back on the road and LOTS of scenery that looked like this…..


I’m learning a lot on this trip about camping and caravanning and motor homing.  Today was my first experience with emptying the sullage into the dump holes.  This is the life.


Our first glimpse of water in Shark Bay.

We pulled into the Denham Holiday Park (without a booking).  Whenever Jen or I would ask Colin “should we make a booking?” Col’s reply is always, “Nah, there’ll be plenty of room.”  So we confidently walked into the chaotically busy office of the caravan park and were informed that there were no sites, unless we wanted to stay up in the overflow area for the night, then they could squeeze us in for the next two nights on a powered site.

We’ll take it!

Here is Jenny enjoying the peaceful solitude of the overflow.


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  1. I can’t wait to do that road trip . I’d love to drive Madds and Archie through wa .. even through the mine sites I worked at . Miss that red dirt and the mountain sides .


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