Tour de Flissshellateau de Mattamsterdam

Today’s the day!


Today’s the day that the Tour de Flissshellateau de Mattamsterdam begins.

My lovely friend, Felicity (a.k.a: F, Fliss, Flick, Flicker, Fecility Motorshed… just to name a few) reminded me that this trip to Europe has been 23 years in the making.  She said, “I remember sitting in the back room with all the travel brochures spread around on the ground and we planned where we were going to go.”


Now, finally – after many interstate and intercountry moves, 1 marriage, 3 kids and 23 years later…. here we are together at the airport about to embark on a whirlwind tour of (bits of) Europe.

We’re hitting up Venice as our first stop, then jumping on the Celebrity Constellation to take in the sights of Dubrovnik, Rome, Florence, Toulon and Barcelona.  We’ll eat our weight in tapas, then we’re meeting our lovely friends, Matt and Tammy (Tammattski – cause they’re joined a the hip – in a good way) in Amsterdam.


These two spunks have been in both mine and Felicity’s lives for a long time and we love them.  The four of us will be cruising the canals of Amsterdam, then hobnobbing with the best of them in a Champagne Castle before hitting the lights of Paris.


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See you all in Venezia!


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  1. Lucky, Lucky You………It all sounds wonderful. So looking forward to all your upcoming blogs with all the fab places you’ll be visiting and don’t forget plenty on the Old Dart…….always like to see how the place has changed. xxx


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