Up Up and Away…

The day your trip is about to begin is a super exciting day!  You’ve planned and packed and downloaded offline maps and read guide books and booked tickets and done more planning and repacked…. so super exciting coupled with an anxious feeling that you’ve forgotten something.

Fliss’ trip started one day earlier as she was flying from Melbourne to Perth, so I raced to the airport (at a sensible speed) to meet her there.  The excitement only wore off a little bit though when Fliss’ plane was an hour late in landing!

We checked in and headed for the lounge for the first of many champases.


And applied the duty-free hand cream that Fliss purchased.


Then when it was time to board – we turned left!

Cause why not?



Fliss and I worked out that this trip had been 23 years in the making.  She remembered being 18 and us sitting in her back room with travel brochures strewn across the floor planning where we would go on our European adventure.  Then life happened and it never eventuated – until now, so I must thank Fliss’ husband Richo and her 3 kiddies, Caitlin, Charles and Orlando for being so cool and letting Fliss come with me.

This year will mark 30 years of friendship for the two of us – here’s cheers to that!


Let the good times roll!

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