Bonjourno Venezia

The journey from the airport into Venice is not the same unless you arrive via water taxi.


No such thing as a speed limit here!


Our arrival was very early into Venice, but after a full nights sleep on the plane, we were ready and raring to get into some looking at stuff.

Please enjoy the pictorial essay of Venice….


The yellow chairs of St Mark’s Square


Fliss, just getting used to her camera…


A lovely cafe on the side of St Mark’s Square – look the couches have been built around the walls.


More cafe chairs, ready for the punters – note the Venetian lion.


The Bridge of Sighs – the bride joins the Doge’s Palace and the old prison.


A typical Venetian street…. complete with leaning tower.


One of Venice’s many lovely buildings.


The Rialto Bridge was under construction which is a bit of a shame.  You could walk up the guts though – not picturesque, but convenient.


Lovely canals and gondolas everywhere.


Pursuing the shops


Purchasing – big time


St Marks’ Square – it all it’s misshapen glory.


Getting into the Venetian groove


Cause that’s how we roll

When in Venezia, one must always drink their macchiato standing up at the bar rather than sit on a chair, especially in the square – chairs and service = mucho euros.


A little bit of strawberries and gelato never hurt anybody.


Just some people dressed up in fancy Venetian olden times costumes.

Bridge of Sighs…. who wore their chins the best?

Check these out – they’re lollies!!!

We walked for bloody miles and miles today – stopping for a much needed birra every now and then…


We walked all the way around to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and crossed the Academia Bridge.



Perfecting the selfie!

Then it was back to our hotel for a freshen up ready for dinner.

This was the view from our mini balcony.

Dinner was at a lovely spot right on the Grand Canal with lots of opportunity for people and boat watching…. and Aperol Spritz sipping!

 As it was so fricking hot – neither of us had appetites, so a mezzo plate of parma ham and cheese was the call of the evening.

Thank you Venezia – Day one, over and out!

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  1. Bellissimo! Love it all, great pics, keep it coming!


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