To the Ship!

Getting to the ship was going to be really easy.  Walk down to the Rialto water bus stop, get on to the bus and then just walk over the bridge to the where the ship is stationed.

We got to the Rialto station….


…. with about 12,000 other people all trying to get to the train station.  Each time a bus turned up (every 15 minutes) only about 15 people got on. There was talk about people missing their train, people were trying to get through the crowd backwards – it was mayhem.  We thought we’d jump into a water taxi to make it all quicker, but the only boat we found was waiting for a reservation and had no interest in speaking to us about it any further.

So back to the bus station we went and we waited….. we were pretty happy about it.


We weren’t so happy though when at the other end the ship was a little further away that we first thought.  We could see the ship, but we couldn’t quite work out how to get to it.

So after walking the absolute longest way possible up and over bridges with all our luggage in the heat, thinking that I might at some stage pass out, we made it.

The Celebrity Constellation!


We wasted no time in getting to know the ship and finding out cabin.

The ship was staying in the port in Venice for another night, so after checking in and having a welcome drink, we got back off the ship and headed back to St Mark’s Square to visit the famous Harry’s Bar.


We learned that Harry’s was the inventor of carpaccio and also the Bellini.


The waiters are all dressed in white tuxedos


and they served the best croque monsieur that has ever been tasted – ever!  they were presented in little fingers and the the waiter wrapped each finger personally and passed them to us.  Now that’s service!


Then it was back to the ship for dinner and a show.


Our cabin is linked to the Blu Restaurant and our first experience was indeed an experience.  We were greeted by David, the ‘host’ who made small talk, then moved onto the next table to make the same small talk.  Then we met Anna, who was the “waiter’s assistant” and couldn’t take any orders.  She was from Siberia and very sweet.  Next we met Marco, the sommelier who could only advise and serve the wine – no other drinks.  He was a busy person and was almost running in-between the tables.  Then he called over Jane who was the bar server and could only take bar drinks, not wine.  Then we met Gerry, the waiter for our table who had quite a thick accent, making it difficult to understand the specials.

Then, the main show was a hypnotist.  I spent the majority of the show elbowing Felicity so she didn’t break her neck falling asleep sitting up!



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