Are they alive?

So, when you’re on a cruise ship there are lots of activities and things going on, but it’s always good to start with a pina colada by the pool.


Another good game to play is “do you think they’re alive?”


It is always beneficial to follow the rules around the boat.  Here’s one I was happy to follow.


There are two ‘elegant chic’ nights on the cruise where peeps dress up.  Some ships have ‘formal night’ where some people dress up in ball gowns and tuxedos, etc… but on this ship, she’s just ‘dress up a bit please’.

And we hit Crush – the martini bar.  The chaps here put on a bit of a Tom Cruise/Brian Brown Cocktail performance – with limited success.

Our waiter was performing the old balance two martini glasses on the side of a bundy rum bottle on the side of his arm whilst pouring the drinks in, then offering them to us.  He went to take one glass and it fell out of his hand and all over Fliss, smashing on the back and into her lap.  He tried to tell us that we were supposed to take the glasses off the bottle, but little did he know that I had video footage of the whole thing!

The night ended up with us dancing in bare feet with all our new best friends at the nightclub until about 1.30am-ish.  There are no photos available for this portion of the evening.

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