Last Day in Amsterdam

Our last full day in Amsterdam and we chose another area of the city that we hadn’t yet walked through – the Nine Streets.  There are smaller streets that run between the canals  lined with different little shops.


The bridal party was inside this cafe having lunch!


We wandered down the flower market street, but unfortunately we were out of tulip season, so the markets were filled with bulbs.


But we did have a little bit of luck with the Henri Willig cheese shop.




This looked like an awesome shop – it sold mostly breakfast items – not the vegemite in the prime spot in the front window.


In the afternoon Fliss diverted to fulfil her dream of dancing amongst the windmills in the country side


Whilst Tammy, Matt and myself settled into our local pub for an afternoon of people watching and croquettes eating.


there was an old photo of the little pub on the wall inside


and here it is now.


And now…… it’s time for us to say goodbye to our funny little, lopsided houseboat, our lovely local pub and Amsterdam in general.  We’re missing the Pride march by 2 days, which is a total bummer as we would have had pole position on our deck for watching the passing flotilla.  But all is not lost; for today we are headed on the fast train



 to the Champagne region of France and to the Chateau De Fere – our castle for the next two nights.


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