Windmills and Whatnots

First things first – breakfast!  We found this awesome little gem of a place right up the street from us.


The we were hitting the market…


which is apparently the best place to come and purchase your whitegoods…


pick up some really cool sunnies….


or your tulip themed umbrella?


I love that the cars in Amsterdam fit in with the bikes…


Then we popped ourselves on the hop on/hop off boat to the train station and then the HOHO bus and headed for the closest windmill.

The bar we chose might have been one of those trendy places where the bar tender is really rude to you because when Tammy asked if he, by chance, had Pimms he replied, “What the fuck is Pimms?”

They also had at the best toilets – this is Matt describing how he had to stand in there…


We tried to get back onto the HOHO bus, but the ticket lady actually read our tickets which said that they were only valid for the boat – not the bus as well!  We all got off the bus and stood there looking forlorn because it was miles to walk back to where the bus would have taken us.   It was clearly our lucky day though because the driver took pity on us and said he would drive us back to where the boat was (which is where we wanted to get off anyway) win/win/win!

We headed up to the Red Light District to have a sticky beak at the goings on there.  We all immediately felt a bit grimy and high tailed it out of there.


I was the holder of the map and was trying to take us back to the boat a different way when we came across this sign ….


A pop up restaurant with a mysterious entrance into what appeared to be an unused department store….


So, in we went with a couple of other people to check it out and it was this amazing restaurant with a huge open kitchen …..


We very optimistically asked if there was a table available for 4 and the bloke said “Not until like 8.30pm or so, but there is a table booked now and the man hasn’t shown up.  I’ll just ring him.”  Skip to the end – the man cancelled and we got his window seat!

Happy days.


The food was absolutely amazing.  We decided to have the 4 course surprise menu and let me just say, there was a little bit of licking of one’s plate.

Masterchef, eat your heart out!


So, it appeared that we had stumbled on a total gem.  They’d only been there for 2 weeks and this was their 4th location for the year – right time and right place.

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