Michelin Hit and Miss

The Chateau de Fere has a Michelin Star restaurant and although I don’t quite understand what you need to do or be in order to gain and/or maintain one of these stars – it was still pretty exciting.  Felicity is a chef and pretty clued up on foods and whatnot, so she was super excited to be tasting the wares of this kitchen.


The night started out lov-er-ly out on the patio with some bubbles and canapes.


We then moved inside to the dining room and were promptly and consistently ignored when we tried to order some wine.  I’m not sure I like these types of places where each person only has one job and they are never allowed to cross over or do anything else.  I think that if you want specific information about the wine, then you might not mind waiting until the somelier is available, but if you know which wine you want, then surely…. I mean, surely anyone can take that order?  But no.  We asked our waitress, who was a low talker,about 3 times in 20 minutes if we could possibly order some wine.  We saw her ask the chap who was obviously the wine guy after the first time we asked and then we watched him swan around the restaurant for the whole 20 minutes.

Finally he came over took the order……. they conveniently didn’t have the wine we wanted and suggested a slightly more expensive one.  He was not building a good rapport with his guests.

Anyway, we pressed on with our first world problem and enjoyed our dinner.  We had about 11 courses in total if you include the canapes and the palate cleanser and I can honestly say that I have never felt that full or sick.  Some dishes were delish and some left us a little confused in regards to why you would possibly pair one flavour with the other.

The last course was an amazing chocolate extravaganza and I couldn’t eat it.



Something happened during the course of the evening with the somelier and all of a sudden he was jovial and our best friend and offered us complimentary dessert wines (which we did not need!, but accepted anyway) so well done for getting our of your slump.  Better late than never.


So, I won’t be eating for the rest of the trip.

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