Walk Forest… Walk!

In the past 2 – 3 weeks I have walked 307,248 steps.  That’s a lot of steps.  Hence there has been little to no time to update photos and write blogs.


This is not my blister – this one is way more tasteful.




So on behalf of my blistered, tired and weary feet, I apologise.  I’m hoping that , for the sake of my blistered, tired and weary feet that I can and will slow down a little from this point on and be able to get back on top of this much neglected blog – although my travel companions have been very good at updating photos onto Facebook – a task that in hindsight seems a lot easier than writing the blog o but I’m a words girl and I do like to write my words.

I’m on the Eurostar now, after being interrogated by the UK passport control guy

Passport Control guy: “What are you’re plans in the UK?”

Me: (in my head)”to do as little as possible!” (spoken) “visiting friends, going to see some west end shows and a visit to Devon.”

Passport Control guy:”How long are you going to be in the UK?”

Me: “3 weeks”

Passport Control guy: “Where will you go next?”

Me: “Back to France”

Passport Control guy: “What for?”

Me: “I haven’t seen it all yet.”

Passport Control guy: “When did you arrive in Europe?”

Me: “oh, um…. on the 22nd July.”

Passport Control guy: “and when do you plan to go home?”

Me: “on the 22nd October.”

Passport Control guy: “When?”

Me: “on the 22nd October.”

Passport Control guy: “The 22nd October? Do you live in France?”

Me: “No, I live in Australia.”

Passport Control guy: “Right, and you’re going back there on the 22nd October?”

Me: “That’s correct.”

He raises his eyebrows and stamps my passport and away I go…… no wonder the lines are so long!


Anyway….. I shall be catching you all up very soon on the past few days very soon.


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  1. All well here. Are you having fun?



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