Saying Goodbye – Parisian Style

I can’t quite believe that this leg of our journey has come to an end.  This is the last night that we will be spending in Paris with Tammy & Matt – so where best to celebrate other than the Eiffel Tower.

We found a cafe where we could see the old girl sparkle on the hour.


More escargot were ordered.  This time we got some special snail tweezers to try to eat them with….


Slippery little suckers!

Matt stayed safe this time with his French onion soup – or just onion soup here!


We’ve had such a great time with these crazy kids….. I don’t want them to go!


Luckily Fliss and I have one more day…


And then as if we knew and had planned the whole thing, the tower lit up and started to sparkle.

Au revoir my beautiful friends.


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  1. Wish I woz with u Vic X X X very envious


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