And I Have Walked 500 Miles…

There were apparently a couple of streets that we hadn’t walked down in Paris – so with Felicity not having to leave for the airport until about 6pm, we had the whole day to explore those last few rues.


We started early with the D’Orsay Museum.  I love this one as it used to be a train station and they’ve repurposed the building, but kept some of the old features like the big clocks.


We saw the things we liked, but after Amsterdam and the Louvre, I think we were all ‘arted out”.  This man was hogging the painting from about a metre away….. so I joined him (he left quite quickly after which is a mystery to me!)

We made our way over to the Rue Rivoli, which we had touched on briefly the day before after the Louvre, but this time we headed directly to Angelina’s for a hot chocolate and cake – their hot chocolate is like you’ve taken a block of cadburys, melted it and mixed it with some magical love….. it’s divine – it does make you feel pretty sick after – so… warning.

Then we turned left out of Angie’s and headed for The Marias district.  We got beautifully lost walking around like Little Johnny Head-in-air looking at all the lovely Parisian buildings.

Then finally when our legs could do no more, we stopped at the closest spot that served quiche Lorraine.


A quick walk through the Luxembourg Gardens


and as I could feel blisters on my blisters, we opted to jump in one of those tuk tuk bikes,

but couldn’t remember the name of our street, so we told the man the name of a street we thought was near there – which resulted in him dropping us off slightly further away from our hotel than we were in the first place #sigh.

And then….. she was gone.

What a fabulous 3.5 weeks we’ve had.  We’ve eaten our weight in cheese, we’ve climbed tall buildings, we’ve walked and we’ve walked and we’ve walked and we’ve seen some amazing things.  It’s quite sad that this leg has to end, but Fliss has a lovely husband, Richard and three kidlets, Caitlin, Charles and Orlando to get home to.

Great trip Flicker – start planning the next one!

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  1. What a lovely friend you are She’ll xxxx❤️🎶😊


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