Yes, I Would Like Clotted Cream With That!

When I started organising my time in London, it was decided that we  (Tanya, Nick, Baby Robin, Saskia and I) could spend a week in North Devon…


… specifically the little seaside town of Ilfracombe.


Low Tide!


Your typical English seaside town high street


It is also home to Damien Hirst’s sculpture – “Verity”


And lovely cliffy oastline

There are some lovely sandy beaches over that way, plus my dear friend, Matt lives near there, plus Tanya & Nick (and me) have friends, Andy & Keeley, who have a cafe in Ilfracombe called “Love From Marjorie” that we wanted to visit.


So named for their love of cheese!


The lovely Keeley – owner, chef, barista at Love From Marjorie and devoted wife of Andy

As luck would have it – the UK was having a bank holiday weekend during our week which meant that every man, woman and child, plus their dog was heading to North Devon.  We met up with most of them on the M5.

We left London the day before and made a much needed drop in to our lovely friends, Kat and Shaun and their 3 gorgeous daughters who live about half way to Devon.


Also, just by coincidence, some more friends. JP & Lindsay and their two munchkins, who live in Dubai were not only in the country, but in the neighbourhood and dropped in whilst we were there.


Kat & Shaun were amazing hosts, as usual, and not only put us up for the night, but fed us amazing food and drank us some lovely beverages – non stop – or until it was realised that there are now small babies amongst us who wake way earlier than I’ve ever been up!

Tans booked us into a gorgeous farm stay called The Little Comfort Farm.


Our cottage – one of about 6 on the property.


Very country!


Each cottage has its own garden area, but you are encouraged to utilise the whole farm.


There’s awesome bugs and spiders everywhere 


especially daddy long legs which I’ve been told is highly poisonours, but has no teeth to bit you with.


Roger, the farmer does tractor rides every morning where you can go and feed the animals.  This happens at 9am, so I’m yet to see it – but the others have told me it’s a great experience.


Even the recycling shed is beautiful


They offer a whole range of free things – like wellies!  Be sure to wear your own socks though, ’cause ew.


There was great debate about this sheep and whether or not these were udders…..


This is the side view of the same sheep, which had the head of a cow!  Perhaps an unholy union in the top field?


The property has a stream and a pond where you can go fishing.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I lived in London, I met some beautiful people who really became my family away from my own family and this weekend, we all came together again.


Most of us quite a few years back – there’s been three additions to this group since this photo!


Matt, now lives back in his home town in Devon in an awesome place that he is helping to renovate with a huge garden, big enough for everybody to camp in tents and have a mile long slip and slide!


Kat & Shaun and the girls, who had fed us bacon and pancakes in the morning, then packed their car with camping essentials adn battled the M5 to get down there.


Kevin & Kate and their offspring drove across from Salisbury and Trish caught the train down from London.  There was a BBQ, cider, music and a bit of dancing – just like old times.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Oh how I miss these peeps.



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  1. Looks idyllic! Just fabulous!


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