The Devon Seaside

In order to extend my time with the lovely peeps, we met down at Saunton Beach in for some surfing, sitting on sand and general English seaside action.  See our wind break?  Some people pitched their camp to the immediate left of that – with no space in-between! None!


Most people were in wetsuits, or jeans….. some braved the icy water in just their togs.

The people were flocking into the water with surfboards, boogie boards, wake boards – whatever you could float on.  There were so many people in the water that my mate, Matt’s mate, Adam came in with a broken board saying that he’d just hit somebody!


Kat & Shaun’s lovely daughter Bella was making sand shoes for us….. I clearly only needed one shoe!


Whereas Trish got two feet – well deserved.


Robin was beside himself in the water.  He was jumping over waves and having a marvellous time.


By the end of the day pretty much everybody had specially made sand shoes made for them.  Bella had recruited a couple of apprentices in Amelia and Peter.


So – I didn’t swim in the sea…. a stormy looking cloud eventually came over the sky and we packed up and left the beach.  I was  appreciative of the extra time we had with this crew – still not enough though.


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