Le Boat

Our Intrepid guide, George showed up exactly on time, however the boat wasn’t going to be ready for another hour, so he took us over the bridge to have a beer and a look in a local wine/tourist shop.

Jason nearly had a conniption when he saw these monstrosities!


We were in the Languedoc wine region of southern France – so only local wines from the regions shall be drunk this week.


We were all thinking/hoping that our boat would look a little a lot like this one…


However, this was our boat and in hindsight, going through locks and under small bridges etc….. the one we got was a lot more practical.


Here’s Deb having a bit of a go at driving whilst we walked and rode to the next lock.

On our first night George took us to the only restaurant in Homps that was close enough to walk to – funnily enough it was the same place he took us to for a drink in the afternoon.  Jason ordered the beef tartare which was pure theatre.  The owner made it at our table and it was quite delicious…..


… even a random woman from the next table came over to watch and once it was ready, Jason invited her over to have a taste – which she did, swapping it for half a prawn from her own plate.


Being the single people on the boat, Kylie and I elected to have what would eventually be dubbed ‘The Coffin Room’ which was, shall we say… tight?  Alright, let’s say it was small and poky, hot and airless and we only slept in there once!


Which gave me a leg cramp because the mattress/bed wasn’t long enough and Kylie’s knees were bruised from trying to roll over in her half bed.

Now, there are people who are taller than me.  In fact, nearly my whole family is taller than me – how on Earth do other people fit in there?  It is beyond me – so we carted our mattresses upstairs each night and slept under the stars, which was perfect.


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