Back To School…

Well….. I’ve actually been home for a few weeks now, but I wanted to finish what I started, so here are the last few days of my trip.  Enjoy!

About a hundred years ago I taught at a school in Dartford, Kent, England, UK.  I arranged to meet up with two of my favourite ladies from back in those days – Vikki, who is now the Head Teacher at our old school and regardless of the stress that job comes with, she doesn’t age!


Vikki and me looking all French on French Day

…and Angie, who has just had a brand new baby girl


I used to live in central London and so I would have to catch a bus to the tube station, then catch the tube to the train station, then catch the train to Dartford Station, then walk about 20 minutes to school.  Depending on the times of the public transport it could sometimes take me up to 2  hours to get there – one way!  Then after school, I would turn around and do the journey in reverse. (see red arrows on map below).  Then I moved to Westcombe Park and the journey became significantly shorter (see purple arrows on map below)


But as I was staying at Tanya’s, I had to go from a different area (see blue arrow on map above) So I embarked on the semi familiar journey. I read the Metro on the train, remembering not to talk or look at anybody and although there are some changes to the stations, it was like it was yesterday that I was walking past the same houses and down the same streets.


Ah the memories….


Now ladies…. stop having babies so next time we can drink wine!


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