Slingin’ in Singas

Don’t you love it when you meet people, in this case friends of friends, who you just fall in love with straight away and can’t quite imagine never having known them before?

Well let me introduce you to Kelly and Troy – my new best friends!

They live just near my beautiful friends, Jodes and Andrè in Singapore where I like to stop off and visit on my way to and from wherever.  It’s great to have such awesome, like minded people so close.  Anyway, I still love you Jodes, but Kelly and Troy are now my best friends and they don’t know it yet, but I’m going back to stay with them….


This trip was only a super short one, which was actually a mistake.  I was meant to stay for 2 full days, but I uncharacteristically got the times wrong.  I know, totally not like me, right? So in the end, I only had one full day and two nights.  The first night was spent meeting and getting to know my new best friends, and the one day and next night were recovering from meeting and getting to know my new best friends…. So we spent the day by this pool.


Then in the afternoon, Jode’s daughter, Remi had a horse riding lesson.  I’ve never had much to do with horses in my life, except for this one time on the Salisbury Plains in the UK, which is a whole other story involving my tiny friend, Tanya and an ex racehorse…. the military were called out.

Anyway… I love horses, but have always been a bit skittish around them.  I think it’s the fear of the ‘what the hell are you going to do’, but I was keen to go along to Remi’s lesson because I like to be around horses… at a bit of a distance and I’m happy if there’s a fence between us.


Remi, on the other hand, is not one bit scared of horses, ponies or apparently anything!


She must get her love of horses from her lovely mum who also rides and takes care of some of the horses at the stables.


Yeah…. whoa there Trigger…. that’s as close as I’m gonna get.  Nice haircut, by the way.


It was short, but it was sweet.  thank you to my beautiful friend and her family for letting me stay at your house, for introducing me to your friends, for letting me swim in your pool and for feeding me dumplings.  I’ll definitely be back.



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