Navigating Naxos

Naxos – Day 2 – car hire day.

Today’s car is a convertible Fiat….. not as comfy as the Mini Cooper, but not as wide, so great for the narrow, windy streets.Fiat

With Kiki on the navigation we made our way out of the old town, avoiding the circular one way system and we were off around the island.


Stopping at all the beaches.  It was a little chilly to swim today, so we just walked along the water collecting treasures.


There are little beach bars and cafes at nearly all the beaches.


This beach in particular caught our eye as they had a number of ‘installations’ made out of old boats and wood.beach boatsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This will be my next job….. if I’m honest, it’s not that different to my current one!


There are plenty of bays as we made our way around the island – each one different from the last.  This one reminded us a bit of Esperance with the big rocks.




The poor people who you can just make out on the right of this picture thought they had found a secluded spot …… until we turned up, took their picture and posted it on the internet.


Look at this clear water and the huge kelyfos on that rock


Kiki showing us how she can walk on water


Just being a bit zen


The roads are not very well marked and so we thought we’d just stick to the coast and came across this bizarre derelict group of buildings.  It was a huge complex that was just never finished and now sports some lovely artwork.


A little stop for a cold drink – this looked like the perfect spot to bring your kids…. lucky we didn’t have any with us!


Bless, this restaurant was attached to the playground and was standing room only.  Very friendly people though – just no customers as we were in the middle of nowhere.


Today’s treasures:

Treasures x4Sand treasures x 6

With the beaches all done, it was time to hit the old villages…

Look how pretty they are…

pretty scenes x 6

So pretty!

This chap was making a big urn/vase by the light of his chandelier…

The villages and ancient sites are all up in the mountains – who knew these islands were so mountainous? Not us, that’s for sure and I’m guessing neither did the person who imported all the tiny Fiats to get around in.

Seriously – we were up in the clouds!

There are 100s of churches all over the island, but they certainly don’t make it easy to get there…


This is where we decided to have lunch…


Because this was being cooked in the wall on the side of the building…


Here’s one happy customer


with Greek yoghurt and honey for desert…..

… although I think they just call it yoghurt here.


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