Around the island we go…

We hired our least favourite car since being here…. it wasn’t one bit stylish or pizzazy… so insignificant that I can’t even recall what type/make/model it was and we took no photos of it – but it did get us from A all around the island back to A again.

We headed south from the Paros Port and pretty much followed our noses (coupled with Kiki’s excellent navigation and Greek sign reading skills).  We drove down all the dirt roads to get to far away beaches, and it paid off big time.


I mean, look at the colour of that water….


Just look at it!

If it helps those who are not enjoying the bragging…. it was really cold.


At the north of the island there is the second biggest village/town called Naousa which has its own small port/marina, some lovely beaches and lots of restaurants and shops.  Much like Paros, but perhaps a little more upmarket and it seemed that the people there were a younger and trendier crowd – we fit right in.


This is how all the restaurants dry the occy.


As we were winding our way through the labyrinth of streets we passed this little bar and both did a double take to check it out.


And we were met with the BEST sea glass collecting beach that we’ve come across.  Not only sea glass, but treasurable pottery and china and bevelled coloured tiles – we had hit the motherload!


It doesn’t look like much, but the water was clear and the conditions were perfect.


We stayed there at that beach for a couple of hours, but the midday sun got too much and a siesta in the aircon was needed… but we’d be back – there’s no stopping this collector!


Don’t worry Puss….. we’ll be back.



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