Missed the boat!

Today was meant to be our boat tour to another couple of smaller islands.  It had been planned and booked and we had the tickets with the time the boat left – 9.30am, but we had to get the transfer bus to the other side of the island so there was a second time – an earlier time obviously of 8.40am… now that all seems simple, right?  But on the ticket it was written time of tour – 9.30am to which I took as the time we would be picked up. So, even though Kiki and I discussed that we thought it was a late time to be transferred, etc…. it still didn’t twig that we had it wrong – so by the time we did work it out, we had quite literally missed the boat.

We marched straight over to the tour office and the lovely Elsa made a quick phone call to the captain who said that he was going out again tomorrow (he doesn’t go every day) and that we could join that tour instead – problem solved….

The question now was what to do with this day that was already planned out?

Well yesterday on our way home, we came across this lovely beach, but couldn’t quite work out how to get to it.


We wound our way around the funny streets until we got as close as we could and then walked around the rocks until we found it… it turns out that we could have driven about 50 metres further along and walked down a few stairs, but our way was way more adventurous!

We had  a swim (water was a little warmer) grabbed a couple of lounge chairs and got comfy…


When as if out of nowhere an angel appeared holding a sign that said “Massage”

Umm, yes please.


This woman was amazing!  She lives in Athens and comes to the island each summer and just wanders the beaches with her sign, her bottle of oil and her magic hands.


Fully relaxed and slowly learning the art of an afternoon siesta – we headed back out to Naousa to enjoy the town in a cooler part of the day.  We also wanted to see if the fabulous sea glass beach was full again.


We weren’t quite sure where the beach was, so we walked up and down a few little streets, and then…. as if it was meant to be…..


Kiki jumped straight in whilst I sat up at the beach bar watching in the shade.
(the rest of my body is in the shade).


We weren’t quite sure what the tide was doing – coming in or going out, but the water just kept pushing the treasures up onto the beach, so Kiki was able to walk up and down the same beach finding new treasures on each turn.


She managed to find about 5kgs worth!


Our bag was full and the sun had gone down so we finally, after about 3 hours, called time and headed back to Paros for a well earned gyros and an early night… We’ve got a boat to catch in the morning!

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