We are sailing

We managed to arrange the boat trip the next day, so we made sure we were waiting down by the windmill at the port for our bus transfer to take us to the other side of the island to board Captain Yiannis’ boat.

We got ourselves a comfy spot and proceeded to people watch the other 40 people onboard.


There was Yiannis and his wife and their small (about 2 years old) kiddy who was amazingly well behaved and didn’t fall overboard although there was ample chances for him to do so.

They also had one crew member who we named Stavros as it was the only Greek name we could come up with and he was there to drop the anchor, cook the lunch, drive the boat and flirt with the pretty girls – needless to say, he didn’t speak to us the whole 9 hours!

The trip took us to some beautiful island spots around South Naxos and Kouffonisia.

This little bay was named after the name who built this church, but there was no other information given about that – so that’s good for the people who aren’t interested in the facts 😉

The water here was so clear – it was incredible!


There were plenty of gorgeous caves to swim in as well…. but watch out for sea urchins!


It was a lovely cruise on a very nice boat, but I’m not sure how many more hours I could have stared at this site…..


Sun’s out = Bums out, amiright?

A lady sitting next to me asked where we were from and when I told her she asked, “Can you not sit out in the sun in Australia?” Sitting there with my long sleeved rashie dress and a towel covering my legs I replied, “Well, you can if you want to, but I choose not to.” “Yes”, she agreed, manoeuvring herself further into the sun, “I also don’t like to be on the grill.”


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