The loveliest hotel in Amsterdam

Well, it appears that we found it – the loveliest hotel in Amsterdam.

The Hotel Estheréa.

Sitting on one of the main canals – Singel with little steps up to the front door.  It was originally a canal house built in the 17th century and transformed into a guest house by Maria Flieger-Gruyters in 1940 after her husband died in WW11.  She named it after her three daughters – Esther, Elly and Ria.


We left our booking of this one to pretty much the last minute, so there wasn’t a huge amount left to choose from – but I think we hit the jackpot with this one.

I’m not sure who was responsible for the decorating, but I absolutely love it…. there is nothing minimalist about this gorgeous place.  A festival for the eyes – everywhere you look.

This is the “Blue Room” where you can sit and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee.



And here is where you can sit back to back with your travel companion whilst you wait for something….


You can make a few quick calls under the watchful eye of the Royal family.


Or conduct a business meeting


There’s something to look at in every direction!


The next room over is where you have your brekky and is open for lunch and dinner


Then we were shown to our room…..


With a comfy little lounge sleeper….. I do want it known that I naturally assumed I would be sleeping on this little bed, but Me Jenny insisted that I have the big bed.  I didn’t want this trip to descend into arguments on the first day, so……

IMG_9135 (NOTE: Me Jenny has said that it was very comfortable!)

The wallpaper – quite divine.


Even the bathroom door knobs were lovely.


And….. the view.


I must say a big thank you to our lovely travel agent – Lyn Tyson for finding this gorgeous hotel.  Job well done!

And now to explore….



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