Our favourite Icelandic things

On our last day in Iceland, here is our list of our favourite things…..

1. waterfalls
2. Snaefellsnes Peninsula
3. Scenery
4. amazing volcanic landscapes
5. Reykjavik museums
6. the Icelandic horses and big fat sheep
7. the mountains and lakes
8. the lovely Brady design churches
9. the Hallgrimskirkja church
10. the coffee
11. the cold


We didn’t like:

1. the rain
2. the cloud coverage stopping us from seeing any northern lights
3. the resting bitch face of a lot of Icelandic people
4. the wind
5. the hop on hop off bus saga
6. that every time you went inside you had to strip down to your underwear because the heating was so high.

So, would we come back to Iceland?  Jenny says: “No, I don’t think so, unless you could predict the perfect weather…. I wonder what it would be like in Summer?”  Me?  I’ve loved it.  I would definitely come back – I agree that some drier weather would have been preferable, but the scenery is simply breathtaking and from here I’d like to take a leaf from Sherman and Eva’s travel journal and head to Greenland and the Faroe Islands….

Until next time Iceland, we say ‘bless bless’


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  1. And bless you 🌺❤️🌈


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