I’m on the top of the world

Today we said farewell to Finland and as pretty she was, she didn’t offer much in the way of the Northern Lights….. so we jumped into a mini bus with absolutely no suspension and bounced our way across the border to Norway.

It was about a 3 hour drive from Inari and at about the 2 hour mark we stopped in the middle of nowhere where there was not one, but two large supermarkets/petrol stations – side by side.  The reason there are shops here is that the Norwegians who live over the border and some Russians, who live over their border come here to Finland because it’s so much cheaper….. this doesn’t bode well for the next 10 days in Norway!!!


Once we were over the border, the landscape just changed.  The height and type of trees were different; there were more shrubs and the hills were bare…. then we followed a fjord all the way to the end – which was our destination – Kirkenes.

The clouds opened up a little bit to welcome us and gave us this lovely view.


We’re only here one night, which is ok, because we saw the town in about 10 minutes including a stop in at the Norwegian branch of the Salvos called “Fretex” where I picked up a coat that should see me through to the end of the trip whereby I can donate it back…. in fact it has led me to thinking that is a good business/community idea/opportunity whereby people who are travelling from one destination to another could hire clothes or reusable travel accessories that they will need for a small price and leave it at the other end where travellers at that end can hire them and bring them back.  I’m not sure whether it would work on the WA coast…. but something to think about.

Tomorrow we board the Hurtigruten ship.  This is one of her fleet sailing out of the fjord today.


This shipping line has been running since 1893! Here’s a bit more history about the Hurtigruten Line for those of you who are interested.

…and if you were interested in booking the Hurtigruten – I can absolutely recommend Lyn Tyson – Travel Manager Extraordinaire who makes travelling oh so easy.

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