Nothing but blue skies

We had a spectacular day today with nothing but blue skies, sailing in and our of little ports, up and down fjords, taking in some beautiful scenery.


It’s cold enough up here to either still have snow from last winter or perhaps it is starting to get this winter under way a bit earlier than usual?


Tonight we were in for a lovely treat – and when I say treat, we purchased tickets to a midnight concert at a the Arctic cathedral in Tromso.  We were only in port for 1.5 hours, so they bused us straight to the cathedral and were wowed by a baritone, a cellist and a pianist singing/playing traditional Norwegian hymns and folkloric tunes.  It was quite lovely and the acoustics were magnificent.   Sounds a bit like a joke – a baratone, a cellist and a pianist walk into a church….


When we first got onboard we were given an introduction and safety talk and were told of the importance of getting back onboard on time otherwise the boat doesn’t wait for you and it’s up to you to make your way to the next port….. he then told the story of a woman who wanted to take a photo of the boat pulling away from the port and once she had, she realised she wasn’t on the ship herself…. it sounds like a bit of a far fetched story, but then today, this happened….


You think you’re going to get tired of these little towns, but you just don’t…..


Now, what sort of hobby would you have here?


As you head down the coast there are more and more islands that connect by these skinny 2 lane bridges.


You could get used to this life, just cruising through islands, as long as the weather was lovely like this……


….. ’cause just when we were starting to get too comfortable, we landed in Stokmarknes – where the Hurtigruten began and this is what we were faced with….

Seriously, it was so stong that we had to hold onto each other crossing the road for fear I’d lose me mother up the main drag!


We did see what type of hobby people would have living in a town like this…. We’ve decided that we’re going to learn to knit when we get home so we can cover all the furniture like this.


So we were the happiest that we’ve ever been getting back onto the ship and got cozied up in the cabin to view more fantastic scenery as we headed for some narrower fjords.


The sun is just hanging on enough to get some fabulous sights of sun on mountain tops


One of the best features of this cabin is that we have a giant TV screen where we can watch the camera on the front of the boat, so we can pretty much see all around, except over the starboard side, because there are people there and that’s creepy.


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