Up at the crack this morning to get to the train station – today we’re getting the train to the bus, the bus to the boat, and then the boat to the end of the fjord – Flam.

It was a lovely crisp morning in Bergen, we got on the train with about a billion other people and then we went through our first mountain tunnel and when we came out the other side….. it was foggy and blue.


There are about a gazillion tunnels on this train journey, so one minute you are looking out at something like this….


and the next, this is what you’re faced with!


Then on the other side…..


One more tunnel and we’d obviously passed all the fog – because she was BLUE SKIES for the rest of the day – whoop whoop!  Yep, that there be snow on those yonder mountains.


We pulled into the boat terminal which was surrounded by huge mountains…. that’s snow that’s lining the top of the mountain – and I’ve used no filter on this photo, although it does look like I’ve just plonked the mountains on a blue background.


At the terminal there is a restaurant and the obligatory souvenir shop.. and this guy standing outside.


And we’re hoping for a bigger boat than this to get us to Flam!


It’s quite cold here in this valley….. so cold in fact, that there is ice on this table!


We got on The Fjords and found a spot to sit….. now this is another situation where I  don’t understand or like people.


Then we just watched as the most beautiful scenery sailed past.


some people on board couldn’t see past their own fine selves to see the stunning scenery around them….


There are little towns and villages scattered all the way along the fjord.  There are very remote – but that seems to be the way the Norwegians like it.


I can tell you someone else who would have preferred to be in a remote space as we sailed through the fjord – me!  We first found a lovely spot to sit and were very quickly surrounded by a group of women who stood around us and talked at each other.  Not one of them looked out the window…. so we up and moved to a quieter end of the boat.  People just couldn’t sit and look, they were up and down, walking back and forth, standing in front of the window so nobody else could see out….. these people below, were facetiming a child and speaking in babytalk….. How do I know that? They seem so far away from where we’re sitting, right?  Yeah, we could still hear them, because people have no concern for people around them.


So it’s decided that this is the prettiest place that we’ve been on the trip so far.


and then we sailed into Flam.


We got off and walked a full 3 minutes to our hotel which is lovely.


And went straight to our room to stare at our view.


A little walk around the town – shouldn’t take too long.


There’s a couple of cafes…


Not one, but two of these trains…. still trying to work out where the hell they would take you…


Next door you can hire these enclosed scooters – again, not sure where you’d ride them.


We waved goodbye to The Fjords and hopefully those women who sat on top of us….


And checked out the wharf area where we met a resident, who was only too happy to make us feel welcome.

We checked out the Flam Museum.  It’s very interesting  with lots of facts that I won’t bore you with….. but do check this out – it’s the road to get down to Flam – there are 21 hairpin turns.  The buses only drive down when there’s no snow.  It reminds me of the road in Santorini where the poor donkeys push and up and down.  Back in the olden days when they used to have horses carry things up and down the road they had a sign that said “Be gentle against the horse and walk the hill up.”  They also made a rule that the horse was only to carry one passenger at a time…. poor bastards!


Check out this cool motorbike track checker.


Jen, where are we?



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