Toy Town

BLUE SKIES!!!!!! Horray and lashings of ginger beer!

Today, we walked in a different direction down by the water.  There was a little enclave of houses that were perhaps originally built for the fishermen or the wharf workers?  Not sure, but they’re as cute as a button……


Then you turn your head across the street and find this crime against architecture and people with eyes.  There’s just no explanation!


There’s also no explanation for the Norwegian language….. Has nobody told them that they are allowed to put spaces in between words?  Me Jenny has a theory – whenever you hear Norwegian people speaking to each other, the person speaking appears to not take a breath – at all.  It’s like they start talking and once they’ve gotten going, it’s very difficult for them to stop and Me Jenny thinks that it’s because the words are too long and therefore one word just runs into the next word, making it terribly tricky to breath and talk at the same time.  They must know that  breath through your nose didgeridoo technique.


We had a map so I knew that we were headed to the end of the peninsula, but we didn’t know that there would be this fabulous park area right on the water.


There are concrete benches to sit and do your contemplating on… we only sat for about 4 seconds because it was absolutely freezing, but we did pass a group of people who’d brought a picnic with them and a range of plastic and fabric bags to sit on as well as little foam cushions – they knew!


We got around the bend and the map just showed a road, but we came across a fork – one way was up hill and the other was down some stairs…. it was a gamble, but we opted for the stairs, which lead us to the back of an apartment building and once we got the courage to just walk on through as if we were meant to be there, we came to the water and a lovely seating area…


and a lovely little cafe.  I reckon Me Jenny is a little sick of having her photo taken now.


This cafe had made some of its outside furniture out of wooden pallets.  Very creative.


This is why I love taking the back roads and turning right when you always usually turn left – you’ll always find something special.

We just wandered back in time through these gorgeous streets with the most precious houses where people still live!



Not sure where this back gate leads to or if they know that somebody has taken their stairs.


I love how all the houses are bright and painted different colours.


Back over near where were staying we popped back into these old buildings that look like they’re right out of the set of Oliver Twist.  These buildings, or sections of them have apparently burned down about 8 times over the centuries that since they were first built.

Somebody’s not learning a crucial lesson there I think.


Maybe something to do with the wood?


Or dodgy extensions?


The old buildings are quite touristy now with souvenir shops and cafes, etc…. and the obvious photo opportunities!


Thanks Bergen, she’s been lovely.


So back to our hotel for a little nap…..


… but not before sampling a glass of Bergen’s finest brew.  You see, below our hotel is a beer bar, which is run by an Australian/Norwegian chap from Lesmurdie in WA!



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