A long time between flights

Well hello dear readers….. heavens hasn’t it been a long time since our last encounter?

When you were with us last Me Jenny and I had embarked on a journey through the Scandinavian loveliness of Finland, Norway and Iceland in search of the Northern Lights.  A fabulous trip filled with amazing scenery.


2018’s big adventure has been a long time in the planning and I can’t believe that the departure date has loomed upon us this quickly!  “A Bite of the Big Apple” was the brainchild of one Miss Marie-Lou, one of my long time favourite friends from my childhood and she still holds that prestigious position some 40 years later.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.51.18 pm
(This is a terrible quality screen shot of a copy of a photo from a year book – soz!  That’s me on the right – I think I may have cut my own fringe and there’s ML – all pretty in her ribbons, even if she does look a little startled)

ML has always wanted to spend a big chunk of time in New York City… eating bagels and sipping cosmopolitans and soaking up the culture… and as I rarely turn my nose up at a fabulous plan such as this, I jumped on board.  We have both previously been to NYC for short stints with other people (and once together) and have done all the touristy things before… we’ve been to the Top of the Rock, we’ve walked the Highline and we’ve seen “The Lady”, so this trip will be something quite different.  We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves into the daily life of a native New Yorker…. whatever that entails – we’re going to find out.


Unfortunately Me Jenny won’t be accompanying us on this next adventure and I’d like to go on the record as saying that it’s not through lack of invitation…. that’s right, she was asked – many times…. but it turns out that she has something better to do!

New York may be the longest leg of this adventure, but it’s not the only leg.  ML and I will also be taking in the sights of Miami Beach, Mexico – more specifically Playa del Carmen, and a few Caribbean islands onboard Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas – where we will visit the ports of Puerto Rico, Haiti and St Maartens.


Tre’ exciting!

But…. the fun doesn’t stop there.  In fact, it doesn’t even start there because first – I’ve got to get myself to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Queensland.  I will be joining my good mate Madds (who you will remember from previous travel treasures) and her family in the Australian Spectator Team (we’ve had shirts made and everything!) and I will be participating in 6 separate events; gymnastics, badminton, squash, athletics, hockey & netball.


I fly out tomorrow – wish me luck!


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  1. Sounds awesome Shell, good luck!!!

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  2. YEE HAAAA……Off we go again !!!! Great Intro Shell. Really looking forward to the Blogs again – next best thing to being there and sooo love your great sense of Humour. Should have made the effort to get to the Games… and could have caught up with the Relies living there. Just looking at tv and love that part of Oz – it all looks very exciting……Keep ’em coming. xx

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