GCCG 2018 Day 1

Last night was the opening ceremony which I thought was pretty good.  A bit draggy in parts, but all in all – what you would expect.  However, the poor participants/directors/organisers woke up this morning to some scathing reviews… which just goes to show that you can’t please everybody all of the time – not even Camilla!  Poor woman – she got caught flicking through the official Comm Games magazine when she should have been looking in awe at the dancing and Rikki-Lee laying on a surfboard.


So as I said, we had team t-shirts made for the games – designed by me (I’ll add the little brag) and features all the sports that the team will be attending:

Now…. I feel that I need to address a faux pas that occurred in the last blog post…. the part where I referred to my good mate, Madds as – “My Good Mate”.  She was none impressed by this description and rightly so because even though she is indeed my good mate, she is a whole lot more than that and I feel that I may have under-represented her by using such a lacklustre term.

Madds, some of you will know has been my travel companion on many an adventure, but that is only a very small part of where she fits into my life.  She is my friend, my bestie, my BFF, my confident, my advice giver, my sounding board, my personal chef, my inspiration, my motivator and what’s more – she laughs at ALL OF MY JOKES…. so yes, she is more than just “my good mate” and I apologise for downplaying the VERY important role that she plays in my life.


Just to show how fantastic Madds really is – in addition to nailing her full time career, and being a mother to her 3.5 year old son, Archie, she also managed to find the time to create an impressive spreadsheet that shows exactly where all our team members need to be at what time on what day – including what time we need to leave the house to catch the train to get there on time and today we need to leave by 1.40pm because we’re hitting the Artistic Gymnastics – that’s the one with the pole vault and the beams…..


… not the one with the ribbons, hoops and balls.


And that time is right now, so t-shirts on and away we go!

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