Ola’ Lady

We woke this morning to find that there’d been a little bit of rain overnight, but nothing too terrible, so we packed and got our overstuffed suitcases down three flights of stairs much to the astonishment of the man behind the counter.

We booked the shuttle bus to take us to the airport but had about an hour before it arrived, so we popped over to Bacon Bitch for some brekky.

We ordered our Bitches – I went for a ‘naked’ whilst ML went for a ‘fancy –  minus the lobster’ (so not too fancy really). The meals were average at best, but the woman serving behind the counter was extremely friendly and really happy to be at work, which gave it a nice vibe.


As punctual as we could be, we got back to the hotel for the shuttle bus pick up smack on the dot of 10am, but there was no shuttle bus to be found….

Looking around while we were waiting we noticed this couple with matching t-shirts – his said: “She is my Queen” and hers said “He is my King”.  It was their 18th wedding anniversary.  I offered to take a photo of them – which I did on their phone and when I asked to take one on my phone they both looked a little perplexed until I told them that I write a blog, then they relaxed again and said “oh, ok, great!” not asking what type of blog…


After 15 minutes of no transfer bus, we were told that it could take up to an hour to get to the airport, which didn’t leave us any wiggle room, so we ordered an Uber – how much do we love Uber?  Howard arrived in his Honda Civic less than 30 seconds  later and told us all about Miami and the famous people who live there… Gloria Estifan, Ricky Martin, and lots of tennis players – his favourite sport.  We told him the story of how ML’s mum, Shirl thought that Rafael Nadal was a bit of an asshole because of his pre serve bum picking routine and he nearly wet himself laughing.   Howard got us to the airport in plenty of time and we checked in with no real issues.

Then we played a game of “Man or Mannequin?


Up until 12 months ago ML loved to watch “Plane Crash Investigations” on the telly until one day she called me and said that with our trip coming up, she wondered if she should probably stop watching it….. I agreed that it was probably best, but today’s flight brought it all back for her as our plane went through some of the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced.

Apparently that light rain we had last night was a massive cold front which according to Jose, the hotel valet, was colliding with the warm air and causing lots of rain, but not to worry cause the weather moves pretty quick in this part of the world…  So we landed after some pretty intense breathing techniques to stop me from being sick and ML to not panic with all her knowledge of plane crashes and their causes… and we landed to torrential rain.


All the airport pick up people are obviously not allowed into the actual terminal because two feet outside the doorway were about 200 people all holding up signs with the name of their shuttle company or passengers names or names of tours, etc…. We were accosted before getting to this door by not one, but two people who professed to work for the airport but appeared to be standing pretty close to the timeshare desk.  When we said that we didn’t really need their help, but gracias anyway, he seemed offended saying, “But I just wanted to help you and give you this free map.”  Sure he did…. We took the map.

We found our shuttle bloke pretty easily in amongst the throng of drivers and guides and we were handed over to Miguel to drive us to Playa del Carmen about 30 minutes away.  Miguel was only a wee chap and had to get right up close to the steering wheel so he could reach the pedals.  He didn’t speak any English, and as I’ve only been in Mexico for 2 minutes, my Spanish isn’t yet perfect, so we drove in silence… except for his excellent choice in 70s disco music.


and thank goodness because Miguel needed to concentrate!


ML was having a heart attack looking forward, but I put my head down and got my Spanish app out to start learning, with the hope that I could at least say thank you to our driver when we arrived at our destination in one piece.

For those of you coming to Cancun – we chose Cancun Shuttles and so far – so good on their service.  I’ll let you know if they remember to pick us up on the way home before fully endorsing them.


We’re staying at the Illusion Boutique Hotel – right smack in the middle of everything touristy and this is a very touristy place… We popped our bags away and stepped straight out for some lunch and some of the best nachos that we’ve ever tasted.  They’re not like our nachos – they’re way tastier.  I would have taken a photo of them, but we were too hungry and they were half gone before I thought of it.

This was the cute place where the tasty nachos were served.  When I said to ML that we forgot to take a photo – she said, “Oh, don’t you worry, we’ll be back here to have more of these before we go.”  So watch this space.


Too early for beers – so juices.


By the time we’d finished lunch the rain had subsided, so a meander down the mainy was in order.  It was one tourist shop after another with a few cafes thrown in, then a tequila tasting shop, then more souvenir shops.


There were a couple of these bars – with swing seats which looked like fun…. or an accident waiting to happen – it could have gone either way.


This might be the best souvenir that I’ve ever seen.  Shout out if you think you might like a set.


This cowboy called out “Ola Lady!” and I managed to have an entire conversation with him in Spanish.  Sure, we didn’t cover many topics, but we learned how we both were and he learned that I wasn’t interested in his shoes.  It was electric!


ML has stated that she would like to try tequila for the first time whilst she’s in Mexico – something that I’m none too keen on doing if I’m honest, but maybe one of these tasting places might be the go for that exact, one time only purpose?


There are colourful buildings everywhere…


In the middle of the touristy street is a narrow church that was full of people all singing.  It sounded lovely, but we didn’t recognise the hymn.


Our hotel is only this far from the beach, but it wasn’t looking as good as it did in the brochures today with all that rain and cold fronts hitting warm air, etc…


It was also clumped with seaweed with an aroma that reminded us both of home…


Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and clearer water.  They also don’t take their lifeguarding as seriously as the Aussies or the Americans.


With the dark clouds starting to loom again we agreed to find shelter with a view to have a beer and watch the rain over the ocean…


ML’s first ever Sol… I know, right?


And our view of the locals having their own version of 5sies – standing around a carton of beer on the beach… their version is not that much different to ours really – just that the beers are a bit warmer.


In the end there wasn’t any more rain and we learned very quickly that ML can’t stay awake after one beer… we’ll blame the jet lag – this time!  So we headed back to our hotel for an early evening.

Jen, Col – I’ve ordered us some of these stools for the kitchen.


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  1. Looks awesome!!!! Xx


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