I can see clearly now the rain has gone…

Well, that was quick!  Jose, the valet from Miami was right – the weather really does move quickly in these parts because today we woke to sunshine and warmth, but unfortunately the seaweed had quadrupled – so no ocean (or sea) swimming for us today.


We did check out our hotel pool though and thought we’d give that a crack a bit later in the day.


If you got too close to the fence this is what you overlooked… someone’s backyard complete with very well looked after plants.  It’s probably somebody’s oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists…. and here we are photographing it!


I do have questions about how he is going to get this kayak down to the ocean though.


Followers of previous blogs will know our love of the store – Walmart and as luck would have it there is a store in walking distance of our hotel!!!  We headed straight there.

On our way we passed a cute shop where somebody was sewing oddly shaped bags and cases…


And some pretty impressive murals…


And then Walmart!


It started well with a lovely flower display…


And then there were the Mexican wrestling masks…

Now granted ML had never worn a wrestling mask before this and so the holes in the front were a mstery to her… admittedly, she does have a lot of hair to contend with.


I simply learned from her traumatic experience and placed the holes over my eyes, nose and mouth for a snug fit with optimal seeing and breathing.


The rest of the store however, was a little underwhelming.  I tried to try on some bathers, but the change rooms had no locks on the doors and the crotch had a security tag pinned through both the front and the back of the material in a very awkward place making it impossible to put on… so they got flung back on a shelf and we left pretty much empty handed.


On our way back, we stopped off at a fairly dodgy back street cafe for a drink.


ML was reluctant to touch the furniture, but she eased into it and the grimace on her face started to subside somewhat when we were approached by a woman in her 50s asking if we were Australian.  We told her we were and she, also being Australian – hailing from Cairns started chatting and telling us her life story.  Mid sentence she asked if she could sit with us… which she did and ordered herself a drink.  We learned that Fiona had recently moved to Playa del Carmen after only visiting the place for 2 days last August.  She loved it so much that she went home, sold everything and moved here for good.  She is in the process of gaining residency and once that’s through in the next couple of weeks she’ll be able to leave the country and visit her boyfriend in Belize.  She speaks fluent Spanish and has purchased an apartment where she has parties all the time with her new local and expat friends.  She is also part of a book/wine club and volunteers with helping secondary students learn English and reads primary kids books in Spanish.  She has no family in Australia, but has cousins in Georgia and South Carolina.  She was on her way to the visa office, so she up and left as quickly as he’d arrived – knowing only our names and that we arrived yesterday.  I hope we can stay in touch.

This is not her – but it could be.


Due to ML’s delicate stomach and need to eat in a clean establishment we headed back to a place we’d seen earlier near our hotel and had the most delicious guacamole and tequila cheese dip (that you eat in a little soft tortillas).


and the walls had cool murals…


This was also the BEST place for people watching…

I want to know how this man got into these clothes… was there perhaps an oil spray used?


You know how there’s usually an invisible line between where you should wear  beachwear and underwear (covered by some clothes)… and the further away from the beach that you are – the more clothes one should put on?

This lady never saw that sign…. or the line…. and there cant be any extra clothes in that backpack.


This poor chap has got suitcases and a backpack full of what I assume can only be shirts, but no hands free to stop and pop one on….. it is also possible that he is in fact Clark Kent on his way to finding a phone box, so we’ll let this one slide… and also, he has more clothes on than some other men we saw.


One thing that ML didn’t realise is that if you do eat at a dodgy cafe, there is a 24 hour doctor right around the corner – so why not try one of those snags that are sitting out on the street in the blazing sun in easy reach of the passers by… medical help is close by.


After a little walk up the street where I’m sure we were the subject of other people sitting in the cafes doing a bit of their own people watching, we came across a small shopping centre with a shop called Bari – which is what Marie’s name sounds like when you’ve got a problem with your adenoids.


And just outside we spotted this man having his Nike sneakers washed – as you do.


Just wondering if anybody would like us to bring back one of these little souvenirs?  Lightweight, easy to pack…. the first 10 people to let me know will get one.

Kirta – don’t you worry, cause we have already sent yours home. Without asking or even thinking we knew straight away that you’d want to add this little baby to your collection. You’re welcome. x


Just another couple of sights whilst sitting and watching the world go by…


There is a Frida Kahlo exhibition on right across the road from our hotel and tonight there was Frida herself selling the tickets.


And randomly…. Paul Stanley from Kiss was there.


Ah Mexico – so random!

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