Miami – Here we go again!

Quite early this morning we said “Adios!” to Mexico and flew back into Miami.


We arrived with the knowledge that we would have to work our way through their passport control again.  You check yourself in with your passport which then takes your photo and spits out a receipt with the picture printed on it and then it is either marked with an X or it’s not.  ML’s was not so she swooped into lane C and headed straight out to baggage claim after a few routine question from a bloke in uniform.  I on the other hand had an X and was therefore told to join lane A – the lane with the longest and slowest moving line.  It probably took me an hour to get to the front and then I was treated to a lovely passport controller. “Where have you just flown in from sweetie?” he asked me and that was really it.  In fact ML got asked way more questions than I did, so the process wasn’t really painful – just long and drawn out.

Straight to our hotel – The Hotel Clinton which is a lovely place and we were upgraded to a bigger room with a view over the pool – score!


By the way – this is the pool, so only two people are allowed in there at a time…. I may have just made that rule up then – but it makes sense.


I do so love the art deco buildings.


We headed down to the front promenade for some lunch and a beverage and were not disappointed.  There were cars of all sorts – Ferraris, Mustangs, Porches, Lamborghinis… I think – I wouldn’t really know.  All I do know is they were hotted up and loud – just another way for people to say “LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!”


There were blokes revving motorbikes with their g-string bikini clad girlfriends hanging on the back – it’s enough to give you whiplash!  We got a table right on the front with an uninterrupted view of the goings on.


I wanted to have another look at the beach and put my feet in the water – and everybody else clearly had the same idea.  There were people everywhere.  The beach has much more of a party vibe to it than what I’m used to at home.  People were in larger groups and each group had their own music playing loudly – so it really was an assault on the ears as you casually walked down to the water.  I can’t imagine anyone was really relaxed – but maybe that’s not what it’s all about here?


The water was a beautiful colour and really warm.  There were a few bits of weed, but only what you can see in this photo.


There are different coloured lifeguard lookout huts, and vans where you can purchase drinks and you can rent umbrellas, loungers or tents.


So, after much consideration, it turns out that South Beach isn’t really my vibe.  On our first time around we were gob smacked by the people, and their lack of outfits or self-consciousness and the constant stench of Mary Juana… you know how in some places you get the odd waft of something and it passes? The only way to describe this is a stench.  It’s everywhere – in every breath you take – it’s overwhelming.

So, I’m very glad that I got see Miami and have loved the buildings and the art deco architecture, but I’m not sure that it would be a place that I feel I’d want to return – it’s a party town and this party girl has well and truly hung up her dancing shoes…. and I prefer to keep my butt covered.  I mean – we saw a girl wearing this item today… I clearly don’t belong here.
We’re boarding the ship tomorrow and we’re still in two minds as to whether we are going to purchase internet access or have the week completely digital free, so please don’t be alarmed if there is no blog for the next week.


Bon Voyage to us!

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