The Street Fair

We woke up this morning to rain… rain… rain and it was heavy!


We sat and watched it for a while and then it just stopped, so we took this as an opportunity to get down on the street and across one block to Broadway to look at the street fair that was going on.  After accidentally walking into a street fair last weekend I did a bit of research and found that there are different sections of streets blocked off every weekend, so the fairs move around all the time.


This is what happens when it’s raining and you get sick of being lost!


There are essentially the same stalls at each fair – food, sunglasses, leather bags, phone accessories, hats and t-shirts with NEW YORK emblazoned on them, but it’s always fun to wander the streets when they’re blocked off.



Most people will have heard of The Naked Cowboy, and if you’ve been to Times Square before, you will no doubt have seen him.  He’s out there every single day in his tighty whiteys with his guitar and boots.


And he swings his guitar behind him and picks up the ladies for photos….

How’s Old Mate here standing and staring?


We got a bbq corn on the cob – which was delicious.


We made a couple of purchases and then ML headed back home whilst I took full advantage of the break in the rain and headed west along 50th street – this is the street we look down from our window.  I wanted to go all the way to the Hudson and have a look.

The landscape changes somewhat when you cross over 9th Ave… There are not as many people – in fact, none!

Space is short on the island, so this is how you park cars here.


The playgrounds are also making the most of the space that they have.


Here’s something that I’ve never seen before – an Amish Supermarket.  I don’t know much about the Amish community, but from what I do know, they don’t generally have anything to do with the modern world….


… but their market is pretty digitalized.


The street got noticeably emptier after I crossed 9th Street.  This is where the tour buses must park while the groups go on their tours.


It’s also where the car dealerships are… Lexus, Toyota…


… and these ones.


Oh, and Porsche… I know that one – and the clue is in the name.


So all the services and facilities like this car wash and one block back was a building full on mini storage sheds, that you wonder where local people go – it’s all on 12th Ave.


I hit the Hudson at 12th Ave and turned left for a bit of a meander when I came across the Intrepid – an aircraft carrier that you can go onto and have a look around.  I asked an information fellow how long it would take to go through and he said “Oh, you can spend hours in there.”  We had a show to get to, so I thought I’d come back when I had more time up my sleeve.


Somebody please explain to me though…. how is this thing floating?  How?


There was a group of kayakers and a couple of SUPers having a close up look.  I’d be happy to kayak, but I don’t think I’d like to fall in to this water – which is definitely what would happen on a SUP.


I kept walking down to Pier 84 which is where the Circle Line Ferry leaves from…


Also, you can take a ride on The Beast – this is not my cup of tea, but…


But there’s a line up of people waiting to get on it… in New York – there is something for everyone.


This is more my style.  On a nicer day I’ll be jumping on this one.


I zigzagged my way back through the 40s and up through Times Square in time to have a small sit down before we had to get to our show.


There are 100s of artists lining the footpaths doing drawings of tourists, but this is the first time that I’ve ever come across a sculptor.  I think I’m going to get one of these done.  The lady turned her head at the last minute – but it really did look like her.


Do you remember Karen & Abe from the piano bar?  Well we took their advice and joined a club where you pay a small membership fee and then you are given the opportunity to book free tickets to shows – I say free, but they charge a $3.50 booking fee per ticket, but $7 for two people isn’t something to be complaining about.  For bigger shows, you don’t necessarily get to choose your seats, but again, you’re seeing something for next to nothing.


So for our first show we chose “Comedy Sportz” – like theatre sports and it was hilarious. It was only in a really small theatre and the stage was tiny, but it was great with voluntary audience participation – the voluntary part is very important because I don’t really like it when actors/comedians pick on audience members… anyway, it was really funny.


There are two teams and a referee and the audience claps the loudest for the funniest team.


Then the winner wins this trophy – it’s from 1987.


An hour and 15 minutes later, it’s over and they take down all the props for the next people to use the space.


It was discussed earlier in the day that after the show we should head up to a roof top bar for a champas to toast our mums (Jen & Shirl) for mother’s day.  When we came out of the show it was raining again, so we walked in the direction of the roof top bar that we can see from our apartment… it’s at the top of one of those trendy new hotels where there is no check in counter, just a round table of computers where you check yourself in – thus no people to answer any questions.


We took ourselves to the lift, but you needed a room key to activate it – it was ALL too hard.  Next door as Emmett O’Leary’s Irish Pub and that’s where we went.  ML had a cocktail to start…

IMG_5923 2

…and I, being in an Irish pub, ordered a Guinness (with a splash of black currant in memory of the Lady Guinness we drank when I traveled to Ireland with Madds, Lu & Tans)…. and they were poured by a lovely bartender named Jonathon from Ecuador!


It was lovely.


Then we had a prosecco to toast the Mums – Happy Mother’s Day Jen & Shirl


After a day of cold, we felt like a hot homestyle cooked something.  I went for bangers and mash…


…and ML ordered ribs that were the size of her head.


We had a few more drinks while Jonathon wrote down on a napkin all the things he recommends we do while in New York…


I think we’ll check out The Dead Rabbith.

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