Cinderella is going to the ball

Today’s forecast – hot (about 30 degrees) with early evening thunderstorms and heavy rain…. so that’s something to look forward to… So to get out of the humidity, we hightailed it back to Macy*s to purchase me a ball gown for the Midwest Charity Begins at Home Gala Dinner.


After trying on about 6-7 frocks of differing sequinned patterns, I purchased: One frock and one glitzy earring (x 2) to match.  We waited at the counter for what about 10 minutes while a lady returned a couple of items.  We tried the next counter, but there was nobody serving there.  We waited for about 5 minutes (the other lady was still going at her counter) and then Sarah turned up.  Sarah was lovely, but we were very concerned that she wasn’t going to make it through the transaction – she was wheezing and some sort of asthma attack was coming on…. but she pushed through and got us 25% off.  Thank you Sarah!

We came out of the lovely air conditioned Macy*s to about 90% humidity and found a bistro for a light lunch.  We’ve both decided that we love to sit up at the bar when dining and want to know why we don’t have this option in Australia… or do we and we just don’t go out enough to know?


We didn’t want to eat too much because tonight we had reservations at Nobu 57.  So we got home and the skies opened up just in time for us to walk the 6 blocks to the restaurant.  We found handy walk way that cut through all the buildings crossing about 5 blocks, so we were undercover for a lot of the walk, but we still arrived in sodden shoes.


The food was absolutely amazing!  I’ve been to Nobu once before with ML and she did all the ordering then as she’s the master at all things fish due to her vast experience in both the fishing and aquaculture industries, as well as her training as a beauty therapist…. so I was happy to leave it all up to her again and just hope for the best.  Let me tell you – I was NOT disappointed!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.27.19 am.png

We were meant to be going to one of our free comedy shows, but we were enjoying the food so much and hadn’t quite finished…. we were never going to make the theatre in time, so we cancelled and had dessert.


A productive day followed by a delicious evening.

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