The Right Royal Balls Up

Last week ML and I happened upon Lillies Victorian Establishment.  A lovely little bar/restaurant who offered High Tea – we thought this would be fabulous to celebrate the royal wedding.  They were all booked out on the Saturday, so we booked ourselves in for today.  We got there nice and early and were the first ones there.


The place is decked out in union jack bunting and pictures of Harry & Meghan…

Why yes Megs, I’d love to be your bridesmaid….. that will certainly cement my chances of ever becoming a bride myself.


There is so much to look at in here….


Even the ducting was pretty…


Although the candles had seen better days.


The ceiling was impressive.


We were served by Caitlin, who was lovely and very attentive.  We chose the High Tea for two…


and pots of tea were brought out…


ML and I were feeling all weddingy and excited for what was to come…

and when it arrived, I’ve got to tell you – we were underwhelmed.

The top tier – fair enough…. the second tier – they’re meant to be scones! and the bottom tier – they are crust on, thick breaded sandwiches made with 3 day old bread – now I get that people are starving and would probably have loved this array, but I couldn’t quite justify paying $66 for it.

We took one bit out of a sandwich each and felt that the imposter ‘scones’ were likely to break our teeth if tried them, so we called Caitlin over and explained that this wasn’t going to happen.  She was very good and took it away bringing back the menu to choose something else.

Actually this photo doesn’t make it look nearly as mediocre as it was.


ML ordered a BLT and I ordered a Tuna Melt – not very royal or weddingy, but we rolled with it.  When two BLTs arrived I asked Caitlin what had happened to the Tuna Melt to which she said, “Sorry, what? I thought you said “BLTs – two of them”.  Oh Caitlin.

We had talked about wearing our wedding tiaras to the high tea, so I’m glad we didn’t do that – sitting there in tiaras with our BLTs!

We finished up and consoled Caitlin, making sure that she didn’t feel bad about the whole debacle and walked up to Whole Foods to purchase food to make stuff for ourselves – tomorrow is going to see a Royal Wedding High Tea like you’ve never seen before – held in our own apartment.


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