In Search of Stars

Today’s mission was to find the filming location of one of our favourite TV shows – ‘Younger’ and maybe do some star spotting.  My cousin, Chris sent me a website that lists all the locations around New York and today we hit the jackpot.  My first location was the corner of 4th Street and Bowry Street in the Lower East Side…

But first…. let me ask – Was this meant to read “Keith”?


The one thing that I’m loving to do here is just walk around, taking in the sights of the buildings, the shops and the cafes.


When I got to the corner of 4th and Bowry Streets, there was nothing except Phebe’s Bar and Grill… but no filming.


So my next location was at the corner of Orchard and Rivington in the same area and this looked way more promising.  I came across what looked like mobile trailers.


Then around the corner, there were more film trucks…


And even some tents with filming equipment and lots of people standing around just waiting for…. something?  Nobody I recognised though and it would have been awkward to stand around with them, so I kept on walking.


Yumi Kim is a frock shop, but look at their pretty bin area.


This is how you park cars here.


There’s something about these yellow school buses that I just love.  Maybe it’s that I used to have a Fisher Price version as a child?


On my first trip to New York during the Girlie Tour of 2009 Madds, Tanya, Saskia and I stand in a tiny one bedroom flat in the East Village.  I wanted to see if I cold find the building again, but I couldn’t remember if it was one 3rd Street between 1st and 2nd Aves or 1st Street between 2nd & 4rd Aves… or some other street between two other avenues, so basically, I don’t know where it was.  I did pass some lovely little places though.


Then came a familiar street.  St Marks Place.  We dined on this street a few times, in fact we all still remember the Dukkah Eggs we all enjoyed one morning.


At Cafe Mogador… Hmmm Dukkah Eggs!


Across the road there were a group of people standing around this massive hole in the ground all talking about what they think caused it, how deep they thought it was and how long they thought it would take to get fixed.


Down the street a bit is The Crooked Tree where they serve scrummy crepes.


And here is Griff Dogs, a hotdog place that has a public phone box inside – you go in and dial a number, then if there’s room, a secret side door open and you enter into a tiny little secret bar that stands about 4 people.


Heading into Alphabet City and into Tompkins Square Park…. I love the green spaces in New York.


This one has a dog area as well.


And an active bird population…


And squirrel…


Then as I wandered around Alphabet City I came across quite a few vacant blocks that had been transformed into community gardens.  It’s lovely.


Not a lot of space here to park your hog… (Shoulls, are these good ones?)


Cool murals on the walls…


More gardens with award winning art.


As I walked west it started to rain.  Not too heavy, but enough to put your hood up and open the brolly.  So I caught the L train from east to west and wandered around Greenwich Village.  I love Bleeker Street, and stumbled upon the Magnolia Bakery (made famous by Carrie on SaTC) and it was packed!


Then I wound my way through the streets…


… until I got to Perry Street.  This is the street where Carrie from Sex and the City’s stoop is, but that wasn’t the reason I was there today – no-siree… Today I was going to nonchalantly walk past Hugh Jackman’s apartment building and see if he noticed me.  To be honest I would have been happy with Deborah as well.


I’d read that his apartment was on the corner of Perry Street and West Street – facing the Hudson River, so there was a choice of two…


I think it’s this one…. but they weren’t home, damn it.


So I cross the highway and walked along the river… in the rain.



The view over to Jersey.


It wasn’t enjoyable to be walking in the rain so I turned at my next opportunity and made my way back through the lovely streets, past the lovely stoops, back to the subway.


I’ll tell you who didn’t mind the rain… these guys.  The black one on the left was getting a telling off by the lady.


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