“Will I do, Carson?”

I love apron drama and they don’t come much better than Downton Abbey.  Today we went to the Downton Abbey Exhibition, which was created by the creator/writer of the show and was very well done indeed using all sorts of new fandangled technology that they would never have understood in the “Big House”



There were 3 floors: Downstairs – showing all the servants’ quarters, the kitchen and Carson’s pantry, etc… Upstairs – showing the families digs and the top floor displaying all the lovely costumes.


The characters appeared on screens as you walked through and talked to you as if they’d bumped into you in the house somewhere.


We purchased the added headphone gadget that gave you behind the scenes information and cast and crew telling you about what it was like to film in the house.


You could apply for a job at the house by answering 10 questions and they assigned the role that most suited your answers.  I somehow got Cook – and Head Cook at that!  Obviously none of the questions asked “Can you cook?”


I wished I had lived back in those days for the fashions alone.


One of my favourite characters in the show was Maggie Smith’s “The Dowager Countess, Violet Crawely.  She had some hum-dinger quotes…


The exhibition ended with the obligatory walk through the gift shop where I purchased a fridge magnet…. which had nothing to do with Downton Abbey, but I loved it.


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