Mist rollin’ in from the sea…

In nearly every shop that we walked past there was a ‘help wanted’ sign in the window.  This was the strangest though…


This weekend is the Memorial Day long weekend – the official beginning of summer and there is expected to thousands of people descending on The Hamptons.  We were avoiding coming here on any weekend to escape the crowds, so we’re super lucky that we missed this one.

So as of Saturday, the beaches will look nothing like this one… (this was a picture that I accidently took whilst holding the camera by my side walking back to the car)


So our second day was all about checking out the villages and driving up and down the lovely tree lined streets looking at the pretty.



If you were going to start a business up here – it would have to be gardening!


How’s this ones got the convertible MG in the driveway – how perfect.


Checking out all the beaches…




It was at this point that we noticed a bit of weather on the horizon.


Fog and mist, as Paul McCartney predicted, rolled in from the sea…


Which was weird because if you turned slightly to the right the ocean looked like this…


You could even notice it on this pond…


And it quickly moved off the ocean and onto the street…


Then as quickly as it appeared – it as gone!

We parked up at Bridgehampton and had a quick walk around before stopping for a spot of lunch.


I think this is maybe what Leo Thayer went into after his music career was finished.


All the villages are so pretty.


Pierre’s was the only place we could find for lunch.  It was a semi pretentious French restaurant with bored staff who weren’t giving us the time of day – but we were hungry and they only other option was to get into the car again and search.


As soon as we sat down – before we were given menus or anything, this woman approached the table and handed us a postcard with a shop name – she was spruking a pop up shop upstairs from the restaurant that was selling clothes, shoes, etc…. the designer was from St Barts and the clothes could only be described as ‘resort wear’ that we would never wear.  Over the course of our lunch this woman had 3-4 costume changes and then sashayed up and down the restaurant handing out the postcards to the very small handful of diners.  Nobody seemed to take much notice of her but us and we were intrigued every time she’d disappear up the small staircase to see what she’d be wearing next…

Lunch and a show!


More wandering…


How sweet is the Chamber of Commerce building?


Then with about half an hour before we were due to return the car we did one final drive through an area we hadn’t been to yet to the north of Southampton…


Then the car was returned…. the Jitney arrived and we travelled in our luxurious coach without incident all the way back to 51st St and 3rd Ave… It was nice to be back to the noice and the people and our little apartment.

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