I sea glass

There is one beach on Kauai – aptly named “Glass Beach” where you can find sea glass and it was definitely marked on our map for today.


We got up at the crack so we could get to the beach (45 mins away) right at low tide (at 6.30am!!!!) You do the maths!


There were quite a few treasures to be found on this beach which is right next to an old landfill by the sea from the 1950s.  Apparently it takes 10-30 years for the ocean to create each glass frosted jellybean like pebble.  Maybe the proximity of the landfill is why this little fella didn’t make it?


It was such a beautiful day and we had the beach all to ourselves.


Chris even found our breakfast! Ew!


And I fashioned a new look for my toes – the beauty of this look is that you get to take most of it with you in the car.


After about 2 hours filling our little zip lock bags and washing out take away coffee cups to use as a vessel for future finds we manoeuvred around the coast to the next beach which was beautiful, but not as profitable.


A bit further onwards and we came across the historical town of Hanapepe.


It was like a typical old country town with wide streets and old buildings with the original facades.


This town has a suspension swing bridge which I had no intention of walking on – these things freak me out!


Chris walked a little way out but then people from the other side started crossing which made the bridge swing and she quickly turned around and headed back to solid ground.


Don’t swing the bridge!


The little town is lovely and has so much history…. This shop is open all hours and could you please leave your thongs at the door – although with the state of my feet after the beach, it might be best if we left them on!


Here’s a little walk around town.

Who is this little Niihau Shell?


Ahhh, the Frange…


Our next route was up to the lookout over Waimia Canyon….

Yep, that’s a letterbox a the first lookout stop.


The view back over the ocean.  Such pretty colours.


“Hey Shell – give us a smile.  Now look out over the ocean….. um, the ocean is behind you.”

And here’s the canyon!


Waimia River close up.


Last stop of the day was to Koloa for lunch… this was another sweet little town with tourist shops and cafes.  This little fella and his buddy came to join us for lunch and posed quite happily for these shots.

Chris did all the driving today (and yesterday…. and will be again tomorrow) and she did an amazing job.  It was a gorgeous drive back out to the main road through all the trees which reminded us of that road between Margaret River and Yallingup in WA.


Home to clean and sort all the sea glass.

Again – some of these photos belong to Chris – and I thank her for the loan.

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