Adios Sevilla

On our last night in Seville we wanted something a little bit easy. We’d had our tapas lunch and the thing about tapas is that you only have a few small dishes to share and that fills you up for a couple of hours and you think I couldn’t possibly eat dinner…. then dinner time comes around and you think – how could I possibly be hungry? But you are.

Across the road from our hotel is La Bartola, a nice looking restaurant/tapas bar that didn’t look like a plastic chairs tourist joint.

The whole way there (remember we have to walk through a 5km tunnel to get to the reception from our room!) I practised “una mesa para dos por favor” (a table for 2 please). Then Me Jenny walked in first and said “Hi” to which the waiter replied, “Hello, table for 2?” I was robbed, robbed I tell you. However from that point on they were very nice and let me brutalise their language for the rest of the evening.

A lovely spot.

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