Out there on our own

Our plan was always to go on day tours in each of the places we visited and thus far the tours and the guides that our lovely travel agent Lyn Tyson organised for us have been outstanding! Honestly, there hasn’t been one that we haven’t liked (except the lady at the cathedral – but we organised that one ourselves!) But we also enjoy a bit of down time where you can just stroll aimlessly through the streets to see what you might find. Today was one of those days.

We exited our hotel and turned right.

Shades over the street – ingenious!

We found ourselves back at The Mushroom and I gave it another look. I’ve decided that I don’t mind it (like my opinion matters to anybody in Seville!) but I still don’t think it goes with the beautiful old buildings it billows over.

We stopped off for a lovely coffee in this square not far from the ‘shrooms…

Then just because it’s all about the eating and the drinking – we stopped for Tapas and sangria. We tried a couple of lovely dishes while we watch the couple at the next table devour 2 whole chickens – that’s dedication.

Then she was home down some lovely streets…

As they are trying to restrict cars in the old town, there are plenty of other modes of transport around Seville. We’ve passed people on Segways, electric scooters, horse drawn carriages, pushbikes, motorbikes and the occasional mobility scooter!

And when you see the streets are this tiny and you have to resort to walking like Me Jenny here…. you can understand why.

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