Shopping Disaster

So, you know how I said that we were thinking we might buy an extra suitcase for all our purchases?  Well, as it turns out, there is nothing to put in an extra suitcase…. hence an extra case wasn’t even purchased.

It’s a sad day for shoppers everywhere.

Pink shopping box to look inside isolated on white

Let me talk you through it….

Yesterday we had an ok day and we found a couple of pairs of shoes at the Sungei Wang Shopping Centre – a place that was recommended to us when we asked for something ‘middle of the road’ – not cheap shit and not Prada.  But after our one purchase, the shops thinned out considerably and we didn’t even slow down as we passed them.  Hope was given up momentarily until we headed over to The Pavillion Shopping Centre which was new and glitzy and full of promise.  We hardly went into any shops let alone purchase anything – all too expensive or too small or too gaudy or too fru-fru (that’s a word), so we simply had dumplings and came home very light on.

Today we were on a mission – to find – ‘something’ – ‘anything’.  We first went to the Suria Shopping Centre under the  Petronas Twin Towers – we’re talking high end labels – your Tiffnays, your Cartiers Darl’, your Louis Vuittons, etc….. so looking around that entire centre took about 10 minutes.

We did manage to capture a little pic to prove we were actually there.


To our thinking we needed to take it down a notch or two and headed to the Central Market.


For those of you thinking you might want to go there, we can save you the trouble.

We’ve done it for you.

No need for you to go anywhere near the place.

You’re welcome.

We spent about 15 minutes at these markets, 10 of which was taken up looking at the map trying to figure out where to go next.

So, we headed back to The Pavillion – for more dumplings, as you do.

Dismayed, disillusioned and downright bored with shopping, we decided to pack it in and head back to our hotel for swimming, packing and a little afternoon tea in the air conditioning.

We definitely needed my lovely cousin, Chris with us here – she has a black belt in shopping, and not just because she bought it!  Chrisso, you’d be so disappointed with our performance here.

This is not a picture of my lovely cousin Chris

This is not a picture of my lovely cousin Chris. My lovely cousin Chris is so much lovelier than this lady and even if we did disappoint, my lovely cousin, Chris would never be so flippant and flamboyant in displaying her disappointed emotions like this.

Kuala Lumpur has been interesting and I’m glad that we stopped here, but if I’m honest, I don’t think I need to come back again.

So we are leaving with pretty much the same weight in our small cases as when we left!  We’ve jettisoned a couple of clothing items that have done their job with gusto, but unfortunately are not making the trip back.  Having said that,  whatever weight we’ve lost has certainly been made up by the socks that I’ve collected along the way.


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