Point Samson

Have you ever been to Karratha?  We spent about 30-40 minutes in total there today and I would have to say that my most favourite part was driving out of town with the full knowledge that I didn’t ever have to go back there.  I took no photos in Karratha.

The next town we passed through briefly was Roebourne.  This is where we stopped to make some lunch.


Then it was 11kms down the road a bit to the little heritage town of Cossack which was home to the North West’s first pearling industry.  It was so popular back in the day that the area was fished out and the pearling fleet moved up north to Broome, then in 1904 a bit jetty was built a bit further down the road in Port Samson for bigger ships and thus the town of Cossack was pretty much done. But now, the buildings have all been restored and  you can see what it used to look like 130 years ago.


Not sure what this building was for…. probably for storing all the pearls?


The General Store


The Courthouse


Not sure what it used to be, but today it is accommodation – you can stay overnight or just for afternoon tea

This groovy ensemble wasn’t part of the exhibition, but how cool is it?


This town that you can see in the distance is Wickham.  Apparently there is a shopping centre there.  That’s all I can tell you.


And then finally…… our final destination and home for the next three nights.


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  1. No photo of the jail. 😂


  2. I should have done Robbo, the jail looked better than the town!


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