Houseboat Heaven

Amsterdam is fabulous for a couple of reasons…

1. We’re staying on a houseboat on one of the canals


That’s it there – the green one

2. We get to see our dearest friends, Tammy and Matt who we’ll be travelling with for the next week.


Fliss and I arrived into Amsterdam a little earlier than these two spunks, so after a small lost suitcase drama at the airport, coupled with some delays with roadworks, we still managed to get to the boat on time, drop our bags and race to the Van Gogh Museum before Tam and Matt arrived a few hours later from their jaunt in Tuscany.

This is the Rijkmuseum and behind me is the Van Gogh Museum.


… and on the lovely days, ALL the people come out and sit on the grassed area in between the two places to enjoy the sunshine.


Vincent Van Gogh was such an interesting man and although I think that I could even achieve some of his artwork – especially some of his earlier and then much later works, I found his story way more interesting than his art.  As you look through his artworks in a chronological order, you can actually see his mind slowly slipping into insanity.


Then it was back to the boat to meet our long lost friends for drinks on the deck and lots of watching the world go by.




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