I (T)amsterdam

Today was all about the wandering through the town and getting a feel for the place.


Buying cheese..


and tasting your first rollmop herring sandwich!


We crossed canals


and had a quick look at Anne Frank’s house – which was full with a line up of people!  So many people!


We passed by Willie Wonka’s house…


Spotted some pretty bike accessories…


and even found a couple of uses for Matt’s new Swiss army knife that he had reccently purchased.


I don’t think you should ever pass up the chance to pose behind boards like this.


Then there was more cheese!

We wandered through the Vondel Park, which was beautiful and packed with people enjoying the grassed areas…

Then it was to the Rijkmuseum to see some more cultural stuff.

This is as close to most paintings as I got.  I’m not sure I can appreciate the full painting when I’m only seeing the top half!


Sometimes it’s a good idea to, instead of looking at the art – to make yourself the art!


They were a fancy lot back then, weren’t they?


I did wonder how awkward this sitting would have had to have been for this poor lady. (warning: partially obstructed)


It was really drizzly all day today so once we got back to the boat, the deck was all wet and we were forced to retreat the wheelhouse for our 5sies so we could still watch the world go by (Note: Matt is very happy to be there – it’s written all over his face)


Our boat is right next to the “Skinny Bridge” which is raised up for the taller boats to get through.  The legend goes that the bridge was built by two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the canal and wanted to see each other every day.  They were apparently not in good health because they couldn’t simply walk to the next bridge.  They were obviously wealthy enough to build the bridge, but not wealthy enough as the bridge fell down and has been rebuilt a number of times (funnily enough, never in the Baroque style)


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